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Note: Before calling, please ensure you are dialling the correct line. If you are a director of a UK company and need urgent advice on issues such as cash flow and financial uncertainty call our Distressed Directors Advice Line on 020 3282 3846.

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Welcome to Begbies Traynor Group in Hounslow. Our team of licensed insolvency practitioners specialises in helping businesses and company directors to deal with insolvency, whether that leads to company closure or business turnaround.

Here at our office in Hounslow, we understand the challenges that arise when a company is in financial decline. That is why we aim to provide you with the assistance you need as quickly as possible.

We offer a range of services to help you and your business, including company liquidation, emergency finance, and renegotiation of company debts. We advise directors of companies across all industries and if your business is not able to recover, our team will support you in voluntarily entering company liquidation.

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, or CVL, is a process that places creditor interests first and minimises their financial losses. With the coronavirus pandemic causing widespread financial and operational uncertainty in the business world, Begbies Traynor Group has consistently provided unbiased, trustworthy advice to company directors to ensure they take the right steps.

As the UK’s leading insolvency consultancy we are ideally placed to identify whether the effects on your business are long-term or temporary, and provide guidance on your best options. Our team can also advise on voluntary liquidations for solvent companies.

If your company’s financial issues are deemed temporary we can help your business recover through various rescue solutions including alternative finance that is tailored to your sector or individual business.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) may also be a suitable option, and this is an affordable repayment plan that is signed off by your creditors. Acting without delay is key, however, and provides you with the best chance of recovery.

Hounslow office offers easy accessibility to our professional support but we also operate other offices nearby, including Wembley and Slough, providing video and telephone consultations to company directors.

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