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From farmland and stables, through to tractors and livestock, agricultural and rural finance can help fund more parts of your farm than you might expect. Agricultural finance has been designed with your industry in mind, by people who understand the challenges you face.

In an industry where seasonality, and uncontrollable factors such as the weather, has the ability to wreak havoc on your profitability and cash flow position, having access to reliable and affordable funding can make all the difference.

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Agricultural finance is not a one size fits all solution; instead, the funding will be tailored to you and your farm’s need. For some this will be finance for arable equipment and machinery to allow the business to operate more efficiently. For others, funding is required to help with general day-to-day cash flow concerns, while those seeking to commence a growth, expansion, or diversification project may be needing to finance the purchase of additional land and property.

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Agricultural finance can be taken out on either a long-term or short-term basis depending on your business’s funding need and also its ability to repay. While a mortgage may well run for several decades, a loan to help with short-term cash flow worries is likely to be repaid within a year or so. Asset finance is an option if you have a specific piece of machinery or equipment you would like to acquire. This will take the form of a loan secured against the asset which you will then repay through a series of monthly instalments.

While your company’s credit history will be assessed, we understand that not every year in agriculture is a good year, and this will be taken into account when you apply.

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