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Refining your organisation to implement efficient systems and secure long-term protection in the event of unprecedented economic conditions should be commonplace. To transform your organisation with a long-term view to streamline company operations and maximise stakeholder value through restructuring support can reap unquantifiable benefits.

Our restructuring advice is tailored to your business and includes the following service lines:

The BTG Advisory team of turnaround specialists have a wealth of experience across a diverse range of sectors to shield your business against financial disruption through contingency planning and turnaround support, following an independent diagnostic business review.

Contingency Planning

During unexpected periods of economic and political uncertainty, strategic contingency planning and a robust ‘Plan B’, can stabilise your business and minimise the financial fallout. When your business roadmap takes an unexpected turn, a realistic contingency plan can protect creditor interests and preserve stakeholder value.

During periods of financial uncertainty stemming from rapidly changing market conditions or increased competition, a practical contingency plan can deflect damage away from your business. As part of the contingency planning process, we anticipate disruption of all magnitudes, from temporary store closures, cybersecurity threats on a company-wide scale, to the threat of insolvency.

A critical assessment of your business will be executed to consider all circumstances, including unprecedented growth, raising equity and exit planning. Our contingency planning service comprises a bespoke review to prepare your organisation for a host of detrimental circumstances and an action plan to withstand and embrace change.

Corporate Simplification

A valuable restructuring tool used to streamline company operations and preserve business value is corporate simplification, also known as corporate streamlining. This process is used to rigorously assess company structure to recognise inefficiencies that hinder business performance and bear unnecessary weight on company finances.

The primary aim of corporate simplification is to simplify the way your business is structured to unload compliance burdens, undo duplication, and reduce the time and people power required to manage your organisation. By identifying non-performing areas and diverting investment to arms of the business that represent serious potential, corporate simplification can reduce risk exposure, demonstrate financial savings, and increase value.

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Debt Restructuring

Restoring cash flow through calculated debt restructuring can improve liquidity and financial capabilities during periods of financial distress or growth. Restructuring the debt structure of your business can be executed in a host of manners, including extending repayments terms, reducing interest payments through financing or renegotiating loan terms.

Our relationships with lenders across the UK and worldwide uniquely place the BTG Advisory team to access competitive credit arrangements and debt restructuring products to secure financial security for your business.

Diagnostic Business Review

Our full Diagnostic Business Review assesses the operational structure and the implementation of financial systems to expose blind spots, and measure where your business scores against its true potential. A Diagnostic Business Review can provide an undisrupted view of your business for all stakeholders involved, pinpointing areas of concern and outstanding growth.

The multi-disciplined BTG Advisory team will propose viable solutions to protect your business against risk exposure, financial liquidity issues and inefficient business structures. Our Diagnostic Business Review is performed by nationally renowned partners with a critical eye for business optimisation opportunities.

Advice on Rescue Options


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Optimised Exit Planning

Divestment may provide a solution to parent companies to restore company value by shedding underperforming subsidiaries through tactical exit planning. Optimising company structure requires strategic thinking to streamline company operations and maximise efficiencies. Understanding the complexities of the options available will require input from professional advisors.

BTG Advisory offer optimised exit planning as a partner-led service to explore a host of options, including a corporate restructure, sale, or company closure of the non-performing asset.

Pre-lend Reviews

A pre-lend review, when conducted correctly, can pave the way to problem-free access to imminent and future funding. When an organisation seeks to extend or secure a new lending facility, the formation of the deal will be built on trust following a pre-lend review for the financier.

We will unearth a complete view of your business, with due consideration to risk exposure to help the financier make an informed lending decision. The BTG Advisory partner-led team are well-positioned to serve the needs of all stakeholders involved in a pre-lend review, paired with extensive commercial and technical expertise.

Liquidation Support Available


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Insolvency Support


During times of financial distress, pursuing a strategic path to achieve business turnaround can preserve company value and stabilise operations by diverting essential funds to the nucleus. Our turnaround teams are first responders in this event and operate to critically assess incoming threats and revive profitability.

We identify immediate solutions to unlock resources and regain control of liquidity to prevent the deterioration of your organisation. We strive to return your business to a position of profitability in the event of economic uncertainty or key contract terminations to prevent long-term disruption.

Our turnaround strategies are executed with clear-cut precision by the BTG Advisory team to achieve corporate transformation.

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