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Harley Holden

Creditor Services Manager


Harley joined the firm in 2007 and has grown within the Insolvency Sector and is now a dedicated Creditor Services Manager in the National Creditor Services department. 

The team provide a bespoke service to creditors who have suffered bad debts by way of insolvency. Our aim is to deliver full assistance with lodging creditors’ claims, monitoring cases, ensuring creditors meetings are covered and enhancing dividend return where possible, be it by modifying proposals or ensuring a thorough investigation is carried out.

The main aim is to alleviate creditors of the burden of dealing with insolvency debts to enable them to concentrate on more profitable accounts.

National Creditor Services created their own tailored Online Management System, Insolvency Case E-Management (ICE) which provides Creditors with full transparency of the services provided and proactively monitors Insolvency stages.

 With in-depth knowledge and experience of representing clients with insolvency needs, she works hard to ensure that their best interests are served.

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